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Weight Loss Center

ValleyCare's success with its Weight Loss Surgery Program has led to the formation of the Weight Loss Center at ValleyCare. Here we offer two programs to assist overweight and obese people in improving their quality of life by helping them lose the weight for good.

Our new Medical Weight Loss Program uses diet and lifestyle changes, exercise, education, behavior modification and medical monitoring for weight reduction. Medication may also be considered to aid in weight reduction.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Program has already helped hundreds of patients improve their lives and achieve success in their weight loss goals since the program began in 2000.

Getting Started

If you are considering obesity treatment, start by coming to our free information seminar. At this seminar, you will have an opportunity to learn more about medical weight loss and surgical options.

If you decide to pursue weight loss at ValleyCare, a medical evaluation will be scheduled to get you started. Prior to your appointment, please complete the Patient History Questionnaire Form and return to our office.