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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare's nationally certified Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is committed to helping those with various respiratory ailments lead a full and satisfying life at work, home and in the community. This six-week program consists of exercise, education and support for people with documented lung disease. Goals of the program include:

  • Educating patients about their particular lung condition
  • Helping patients learn ways to control shortness of breath
  • Improving patients' physical strength and exercise tolerance
  • Decreasing the frequency of hospital admissions

Who Can Enroll?

Pulmonary rehab is recommended for people who have a documented lung disease. A referral from your physician is required. Programs begin every other month. Prior to enrollment, you will need to have a current pulmonary function test, exercise stress test and a patient interview.


Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation team offers a series of educational classes covering such topics as controlling breathlessness, conserving energy, medication training, how to exercise safely while short of breath, nutrition, stress management, traveling and altitude, infection control, coping and much more. Spouses and families are always invited to attend with the participant.


Physical conditioning is an important part of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program. Our team will develop an exercise program carefully structured for your needs and capability. We will show you how to take and evaluate your heart rate and oxygen saturation, monitor your heart rate and choose appropriate exercise activities. Our staff will take your resting and exercise blood pressure.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare and most private insurers provide reimbursement for outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation. We will be happy to confirm insurance coverage and discuss financial arrangements with you.

Physician Partnership

We work with you and your physician to help you better manage your lung condition. We will contact your physician if we have a concern regarding your health. Your physician will receive a progress report after you complete the program, and we encourage good communication with your doctor!