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Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare's Orthopedic Program focuses on helping you regain mobility and return to your active life. ValleyCare offers a wide range of orthopedic services, providing you with complete and personalized care.

Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare surgeons are pioneers in their fields, employing the latest technical advances in their specialties and using minimally invasive surgery when appropriate, which reduces hospital stays and speeds recovery.

Our orthopedic programs embrace a team approach, providing the benefit of various health specialists working in concert on one plan to provide a smooth, seamless process. The team can include surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists trained in pain management, nurses certified in orthopedics, physical and occupational therapists, and diagnostic imaging and lab technicians.

Joint Replacement Institute

We are proud to offer a comprehensive Joint Program that addresses all aspects of chronic pain of the hip, knee and shoulder.

Foot and Ankle Program

Many orthopedic issues start in the feet. Our goal is to get you back walking and mobile as soon as possible. Our physicians specializing in podiatry are skilled in developing orthotic devices and diagnosing and treating ailments of the lower limbs. If surgery is required, our surgeons work as a team with your podiatrist and outline a personalized plan for you. Your physical therapy is handled by Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare's certified physical therapists, who will also develop a plan that works for you with the goal of getting you back on your feet quickly.

Hand and Upper Limb Program

Orthopedic surgeons with board certification and special training in microsurgery for hands, wrists and shoulders are available at Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare. The Hand Clinic at Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare also provides certified occupational therapists to specifically treat repetitive strain injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome; surgery; arthritis; and other hand, wrist and shoulder ailments. The Hand Clinic is offered through Physical and Sports Medicine.


Rehabilitation is managed by Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare's physical and occupational therapists who work with patients to condition, strengthen and retrain physical movement or to eliminate pain. Physicians trained in pain management use a number of approaches to eliminate or reduce chronic pain.

Patient Education

Education is an important element of our orthopedic programs. Patients receive pre- and postsurgical instruction, preventive and general education on their particular orthopedic injury or surgery. Classes and education seminars are offered throughout the year. View upcoming orthopedic classes and seminars.

Specially Dedicated Rooms

On our surgical floor at Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare Medical Center are rooms designed specifically for our orthopedic patients. Here nurses also have special training in orthopedics. Patients typically engage in physical therapy together, which offers additional support for each other.


Physician referral is required, and most procedures are covered by insurance. Please check with your insurance carrier.