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Nutrition Services

Outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy and Education

ValleyCare outpatient registered dietitians are available by appointment to provide a comprehensive nutrition evaluation and medical nutrition therapy. As part of the medical management of diseases and conditions, we offer education and tools to help you change behaviors and meet your health goals. Specialty areas include diabetes, weight management, eating disorders, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Many insurance companies cover medical nutrition therapy with a physician's referral. The ValleyCare staff also provides nutrition education programs and community seminars and serves as a resource in nutrition to other departments and community agencies.

To contact a dietitian, please call 925.416.6720.

Inpatient Clinical Nutrition Care

Good nutrition plays an important role in treatment, recovery and overall health maintenance. Registered dietitians at ValleyCare function as vital members of the patient care team to ensure that each patient's nutrition plan matches his or her nutrient needs and complies with current guidelines. While many patients are satisfied with our standard menu options for daily meals, other patients require a more customized approach to meet their nutritional needs. The dietitians are available to provide assessments and medical nutrition therapy to all hospitalized patients as determined by the standards of care. ValleyCare registered dietitians are a key resource to the patients and staff on all nutrition or food service issues.

For more information, please call 925.416.6536.