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Labor and Delivery

At Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare, we want you to have the best labor and delivery experience possible. Discover how our team works with you to make that possible.

Personalized Birth Plans

We want you to have the birth experience you desire. That's why we encourage you to create a birth plan right from the start.

Your birth plan will tell your care team what is most important to you during labor and delivery. It will be highly personalized, reflecting your preferences about such things as your pain management choices and delivery methods and visitors.

Fill out the ValleyCare Birth Center birth plan and share it with your OB at your next appointment.

Our Delivery Options

Most babies arrive via a vaginal birth, but at the Birth Center, we're prepared to perform a planned or emergency cesarean birth (C-section) if necessary for the health of moms and babies.

If you've previously had a C-section but would like to try having your next baby vaginally, we offer that option too. It's called VBAC (short for vaginal birth after cesarean section), and the highly trained obstetricians at the Birth Center perform it.

Are you having twins? We can help laboring moms deliver multiple births right here too.

Private Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms

Our private birthing suites function as labor, delivery and recovery rooms. This means you won't have to move to another room after your baby is born.

Each of these birthing rooms include comfortable sleeping accommodations for you and your partner, spouse, labor coach or other support person. You'll enjoy free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, TVs and more.

Babies Room In

Immediately after you deliver, you can enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your baby. We encourage this special experience in the first hour or more of life because it can help mothers and babies bond.

And your baby can stay in your room with you. Having your baby close to you can make it easier to begin breastfeeding. If you want assistance with breastfeeding, our certified lactation specialists can help you get started.

Pain Management Solutions

We use technology, medications and natural or non-drug approaches to help you manage pain and feel more comfortable.

Our labor pain management options include:

  • Mobile monitoring. Electronic fetal monitoring devices check your baby's heartbeat and your contractions. We use mobile monitors, allowing you to get up and walk around or even shower, which can make your contractions easier
  • Aromatherapy. We can use essential plant oils to enhance well-being and promote relaxation, which may help ease your perception of pain. Our aromatherapy comes in a variety of soothing scents
  • Birthing balls and Kaya birth stools are there for women who want them
  • Showering in warm water to help you relax
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This safe, tasteless and odorless gas is inhaled through a mask, and you get to decide when you want to inhale it to help you get through contractions
  • IV medications given through a vein
  • Epidural injections. Whether you plan to have an epidural or decide that you want one during labor, a dedicated OB anesthesiologist is available to give you one 24 hours a day

Support Coaches

Our compassionate nurses are trained to support moms using many of the same breathing and positioning techniques that doulas use to help make labor easier. They're also great labor coaches!

You may also want to have another support person, such as a spouse or partner, a relative or a close friend, or a doula. We welcome having your coach of choice with you, and we will include them in your birth plan of care as much as you want us to.

Arriving at the Birth Center

Find out what to pack and how to preregister for your delivery. Learn how you can prepare for your birthing experience.