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Gestational Diabetes

If you've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare team at the Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center can help. Find out how we help moms in Alameda County manage their diabetes during pregnancy.

Sweet Success Gestational Diabetes Program

We use the Sweet Success Program to educate and support women with gestational diabetes (high blood sugar levels detected during pregnancy) and those with existing diabetes who become pregnant. The program is affiliated with the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program.

Through Sweet Success, you learn how to control your glucose levels and reduce the complications of diabetes for you and your child before, during and after pregnancy.

Preconception Counseling

For women who already have diabetes, counseling can begin when a couple first considers pregnancy. You can take steps to make pregnancy with diabetes safer.

Pregnancy and Postpregnancy Diabetes Treatment

Our team of experts guides you through each phase of your pregnancy, whether you manage your glucose levels with insulin, diet, exercise or a combination of these methods.

After the birth of your child, our diabetes educators will work with you to help you keep a healthy weight and control your glucose levels.