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Critical Care

In the ICU, ValleyCare's highly skilled staff uses the latest technology to provide personalized care to critically ill patients. The ICU staff includes registered nurses with certification in advanced life support, critical care physicians, respiratory therapists, social workers and clinical nurse specialists. In ValleyCare's ICU, located on the second floor, patients receive constant monitoring and specialized care due to the serious nature of their illness.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

ValleyCare provides a CCU on the first floor of ValleyCare Medical Center that is dedicated to our Cardiovascular Open-Heart Surgery Program. Using the latest technology, specially trained staff provide care and continually monitor patients who have undergone open-heart surgery or cardiac catheterization, experienced a heart attack or have serious cardiac issues.


We ask that visitors be limited to family, or a friend if no family members are available. Visits are dependent on a patient's condition. The telephone outside the unit is used to call in a request to see a patient.


Families may call to inquire about a patient's condition. However, due to privacy laws, one family member should be designated to talk to CCU/ICU nurses or doctors. A pass code is assigned to the designated person to ensure privacy. Cellphones are not allowed in the CCU/ICU. Telephones are available to patients as their condition warrants.