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Cancer Treatments

To help ease a patient's anxiety, services are offered in a modern yet soothing and friendly environment where healing and caring are top priorities. While one physician coordinates care, patients have the benefit of an expert team of oncology professionals working together to guide them (and their families) through treatment and follow-up. Treatment is specialized depending upon each patient's individual needs.

Targeted Radiation

Our Pleasanton clinic is a part of the Stanford Cancer Network and shares its resources. The cancer center features a linear accelerator for radiation therapy, which is capable of "shaping" the beam to target just the tumor and spare healthy tissue (also known as IMRT, or intensity-modulated radiation therapy). IMRT is often combined with IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) to accurately locate the tumor.

Infusion Center

Chemotherapy and biologic therapy infusions are administered in modern, comfortable, on-site infusion centers by oncology-certified nurses under the direct supervision of board-certified physicians. Our physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing skilled, comprehensive and compassionate hematology and oncology care in several modern, state-of-the art facilities. We take great pride in our patient-centered care philosophy; at our clinics, the patient always comes first.