Post-Surgery Support

Doctor talking with patient

Patients who are most successful with their weight loss make permanent changes to prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle. The surgery is a powerful tool enabling you to lose a significant amount of weight. However, following a healthy, structured eating plan and exercising on most days will ensure that you never regain the weight you lose.

Follow-up appointments are designed to monitor the post-surgery course and provide guidance during the development of new lifestyle behaviors. Frequency is based on individual patient needs.

To assist patients in adapting to a new lifestyle after surgery, support group meetings are extremely beneficial. Team members guide participants in adopting dietary and exercise habits to maximize weight loss and promote optimal long-term health. The meetings allow patients to share personal experiences and concerns and to receive support and guidance from other patients and health care professionals.

Support group meetings are held two times a month at the ValleyCare Weight Loss Center in the ValleyCare Medical Plaza at West Las Positas and Stoneridge in Pleasanton. Meetings are free for our ValleyCare patients.

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