Injury Prevention and Return to Sport

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ValleyCare is proud to offer a program specifically designed to reduce the risk of sports injury or reinjury for middle school, high school and collegiate athletes.

Athletes recovering from injury are guided by a physical therapist toward a safe and speedy return to sport. This program helps athletes to minimize the chance of reinjury or symptoms upon return to competition through a dynamic warm-up routine, upper/lower extremity strength and flexibility programs, dynamic balance and agility drills and core strengthening techniques that are designed to improve performance and prevent further injury when returning to any level of competition.

This program can also assist healthy athletes in preventing injury from trauma or overuse. Each athlete is individually evaluated and supervised by a physical therapist during this program. This program is designed to be sport-specific for each individual athlete.

Fee: $20 per session, or 12 sessions for $200 if purchased in bulk.

When: Monday–Friday, 4 to 5 p.m., at LifeStyleRx

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