Speech Therapy

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In outpatient speech therapy, our licensed speech pathologists perform evaluations and design specific plans of intervention in order to meet short- and long-term goals set as a collaborative effort between the patient, therapist and family/caregivers. We work with many age groups and a variety of diagnoses resulting in disorders of swallowing, speech and cognition.

Children's Early Intervention

This program for infants, toddlers and young children with developmental disabilities includes a comprehensive evaluation by a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist, followed by an appropriate plan for continued therapy to help the child meet developmental milestones, help the family with care at home and help plan for the future in school. Our therapists work with children with a variety of diagnoses.

Children's Swallowing/Feeding Issues

When children avoid certain foods, it may be due to texture or a tactile issue, but it may also be attributed to low tone in the mouth, a motor-planning problem or trouble with muscles in the throat. A speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist specially trained and experienced in treating feeding or swallowing disorders can provide a treatment plan to improve your child's eating and swallowing skills, as well as increase the variety of foods your child will accept. Learn more about swallowing and feeding disorders.


Occupational therapists or speech therapists work with individuals with swallowing issues in order to obtain an in-depth clinical assessment. As part of this process, the individual may be assessed using a video swallow study. The intervention that follows will include diet changes, caregiver training and exercise/instruction as appropriate. We also offer VitalStim therapy, a relatively new treatment technique, which uses small electrical currents to stimulate and re-educate the muscles involved in swallowing.

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