Physical Therapy

Anodyne Therapy

ValleyCare offers comprehensive physical therapy in both Dublin and Livermore.

Anodyne Therapy

Pain and numbness associated with peripheral neuropathy—which can stem from diabetes, vascular issues and chemotherapy—can be debilitating. Our therapists offer Anodyne therapy—an infrared treatment where heat penetrates deep into the tissue, reopening capillaries and smaller veins to increase blood flow. This treatment can improve nerve function and help in healing wounds.

Children's Early Intervention

children's therapy

This program for infants, toddlers and young children with developmental disabilities includes a comprehensive evaluation by a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist, followed by an appropriate plan for continued therapy to help the child meet developmental milestones, help the family with care at home and help plan for the future in school. Our therapists work with children with a variety of diagnoses.


Current research is rapidly changing the treatment of concussion. While rest is very important right after a concussion, we now know that treating symptoms early can shorten recovery time. Comprehensive rehab can also decrease your risk of re-injury.

Using the latest equipment, tests, and treatment for balance, vision, vestibular and neck problems, our certified physical therapists create a customized treatment plan to address symptoms that may include: 
Headache or neck pain 
Difficulty reading, focusing on or tracking objects 
Decreased balance and coordination 
Dizziness or a sense of fogginess 
Symptoms that worsen with exercise 

With targeted training aimed at individual areas of difficulty, concussion rehab can help you return to life sooner and get safely back in the game.

LSVT Big Therapy

LSVT BIG therapy is a researched-based, standardized exercise program that has been proven effective for people with Parkinson's disease—improving major motor skills, promoting increased strength and encouraging changes in brain function. The BIG therapy is adapted from the principles behind the successful Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT), which has a proven track record of helping Parkinson's patients speak confidently with more clarity.

The prescribed dosage is 16 one-hour individual sessions, four consecutive days a week for four weeks, delivered by a certified LSVT BIG physical or occupational therapist.

LSVT BIG therapy is offered on the Livermore campus as an outpatient service. Learn more about LSVT BIG therapy.


ValleyCare Physical and Sports Medicine offers care of patients who have lymphedema. Trained physical therapists provide lymph drainage massage and compression bandaging and assist people who are affected by lymphedema. Clinics are offered in both Dublin and Livermore. Learn more about lymphedema therapy at ValleyCare.

Mist Therapy®

Mist Therapy® is a painless, noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a saline mist to the wound bed. The result of these gentle sound waves pushing against the tissue within the wound include cell stimulation, reduced bacteria, increased blood flow and the gentle removal of dead tissue. All these factors combine to speed healing even in the most difficult-to-treat wounds.

Mist Therapy is offered at both the Livermore and Pleasanton campuses and in both inpatient and outpatient departments.

Moms at Rest

In order to help expectant mothers confined to bed rest, this at-home service teaches ways to organize the day, stay healthy and calm, care for other children and continue to meet the needs of a household.

Neurologic Physical Therapy

We have therapists skilled in treating patients with neurological diagnoses such as Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular accidents, gait disorders and balance/vestibular disorders. In addition to treating in the clinic, we also provide adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training and guidance to family members and caregivers.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Our therapists are experts in treating musculoskeletal disorders for both adults and children. Your personalized program of physical therapy, rehabilitation, injury prevention and pain management will maximize your body's ability to work for you and get you back to your active lifestyle

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction encompasses many disorders of the pelvic floor muscles, including prolapse, incontinence, and pelvic pain. Our physical therapists will establish a personalized treatment program to address your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Treatment includes relaxation techniques, pelvic floor exercises, bladder retraining, and home programs, among other interventions. Physician referral is required. Read up on how this field is growing and becoming a part of standard care post pregnancy.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical therapists assess and treat disorders associated with vertigo, dizziness and imbalance. We will create a comprehensive treatment program designed to address functional activities affecting quality of life, symptoms and fall risk. Many problems associated with decreased function of the vestibular system due to inner ear infections, vestibular neuritis, acoustic neuroma, stroke, positional vertigo and decreased balance without known cause can be effectively treated with specialized exercises and retraining techniques.

Work Conditioning Program

In order to help return an injured employee back to work as quickly and safely as possible, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to assess the employee's ability to perform specific work-related duties. An individualized program is designed to address any deficits identified and help facilitate a healthy and productive return to work.

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