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Pregnant Women

Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare wants to help make your pregnancy and childbirth experience comfortable and joyful. Our maternity classes include a comprehensive range of parenting and childbirth preparation program for all community residents, whether or not your birth is planned at ValleyCare.

Note: Classes usually fill up quickly, so early registration is recommended. You register for a class online using our maternity class calendar.

Childbirth Preparation Class

This one-day class discusses a variety of topics you will want to know as you get closer to your due date. Discussion will focus on the physiology of the birth process, pain management options including epidurals and IV medication, and what to expect during your hospital birth and recovery for both natural and Cesarean sections. We will also cover basic breathing and massage techniques used in labor. A video of births will be shown. Participation is recommended in the third trimester for mother and her coach. Meets for one day. Evening and Saturday classes are available. Fee: $75.

Facility Tour

Preview our labor/delivery/recovery suites, nursery services and postpartum rooms. Learn about pre-admitting procedures and receive answers to your questions. This 90-minute tour is offered every Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. and some Sundays at 1:00 p.m. Tour meets in the lobby of ValleyCare Medical Center in Pleasanton. Please enroll expectant mother only. Partner is encouraged to attend but does not need to enroll. No children allowed. Registration required. Space is limited. Register two (2) months in advance.

Infant Care Class

This class is recommended for couples in their last trimester of pregnancy. Taught by a Registered Nurse, it reviews general infant care including:

  • Diapering
  • Circumcision care
  • Bathing
  • Temperatures
  • Skin care
  • Newborn characteristics

Partners are encouraged to attend. Please bring a doll suitable for practicing baby techniques. Three-hour class. Evenings or Saturdays are available. Fee: $50

Infant CPR

This two-hour class teaches cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on infants up to 12 months of age. Fee: $20 per person. This is not a certification class.

Lamaze Class

Lamaze teaches expectant parents and/or coach the physiology of the birth process, in-depth breathing and relaxation, useful coping techniques, massage and the role of coach. Cesarean sections, epidurals, medications and other intervention will be discussed. Meets once a week for five weeks. Participation recommended in third trimester for mother and her coach. Please bring a pillow and mat with you to class. Fee: $125.

Moms at Rest

This at-home service helps expectant mothers confined to bed rest for the remainder of their pregnancy develop a "survival guide" tailored to their individual needs. Mothers are taught ways to organize the day, stay healthy and calm, care for other children and continue to meet the needs of a household. Physician referral required.

For more information on Mom's at Rest, please contact your Obstetrician.

Mother's Support Group

Join other new moms in an open discussion format about infant changes/needs, breastfeeding, sleeping habits and many other topics. Meets every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. in classroom one at ValleyCare Medical Plaza, 5565 W. Las Positas Blvd., Suite 360, Pleasanton.  No Fee.

Sibling Class

This class is designed to help prepare young brothers and sisters (3-6 years old) for the arrival of a new baby to the family. Children should bring a doll or stuffed animal and a picture of themselves as an infant. Parents must attend with child. Fee: $25/child.

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