Patient Safety


At ValleyCare, patient safety is a top priority for all of us. Our No. 1 goal is to provide you with a safe and high-quality care experience. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to meeting your care needs.

You can help ensure your safety by partnering with your care team in the following ways:

Rapid Response Teams

Any member of the health care team can request the help of a multidisciplinary team to come to the aid of a patient whose condition suddenly changes.

Medication Safety

On admission to ValleyCare, our team will conduct a comprehensive medication history. On discharge our team will provide you with a comprehensive list of medications that you are to take at home. Please ensure that you carry a list of your current medications with you at all times. Inform our care team of any allergies you might have.

hand washing

Hand Washing

One of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of infection is by washing your hands. Our staff will wash their hands (or use a hand sanitizer) each time before and after they care for you. Don't be afraid to ask our care team if they have washed their hands. Ask your family and visitors to wash their hands as well.

Surgical Safety

If you come to ValleyCare for a surgical or invasive procedure, there are several activities that we undertake to help keep you safe. We follow nationally recognized guidelines that include patient identification, surgical site marking, performing a time-out and administering medications to prevent infection.

patient identification

Patient Identification

To ensure that we are providing the right care to the right person, we will use two methods to identify you. We will ask you your name and birth date or name and medical record number before giving you medications, drawing your blood, or performing tests or surgical procedures.

Fall Prevention

We have a comprehensive, evidence-based fall prevention program. We assess all our inpatients for risk of falling and institute additional fall prevention measures for patients found to be at risk of falling. If you feel unsteady on your feet or need assistance, please let us know. We want to partner with you to keep you safe.

Speak Up

We ask that our patients speak up when you have questions about your care. Our goal is to keep you informed and to give you the information you need to take control of your health. The Joint Commission has many resources to help patients develop the skills to confidently speak up.

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