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Access More from MyHealth

We're making some updates on how you can access even more of your care information from MyHealth.

Beginning this April, you can access more of your care information and clinical notes from the mobile app or the web version of MyHealth.

We've shared clinic and hospital discharge notes with you from your Stanford clinic doctors for years. Now, you'll see even more information—like clinical notes from all University Healthcare Alliance practices, hospital notes, emergency department notes, surgery notes, and more. You'll see these completed notes in MyHealth in "Appointment Details." Look for the date of your appointment or hospital discharge to access those notes.

Most of your test results are visible in MyHealth after they are final. Now these results will be shared with you even more quickly. You may see them before your doctor. Your doctor will contact you with any recommendations about your care.

To request a copy of your medical record, call:

Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare (SHC-VC) HIMS Department at 925-373-8019

For more information and frequently asked questions, click here.

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