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ValleyCare Health System Promotes Positive Patient Experience

Hospital news | Friday, October 4, 2013

Contact: Denise Bouillerce

Pleasanton, CA -- In ongoing efforts to constantly improve the hospital patient experience, ValleyCare Health System recently established a Patient Experience Team. Based upon direct patient feedback, the Team reviews patients’ experiences while in the hospital and makes recommendations to Administration. Comments are taken seriously, and appropriate steps are then taken to change or improve conditions as needed.

With research showing the importance of sleep and comfort for a successful healing process, ValleyCare is currently focusing on decreasing noise levels to provide a more healing environment and a better patient experience. For example:

  • Comfort packs are being offered to patients that include ear plugs and eye masks.
  • Nurses and other hospital staff are working to coordinate care so there is less interruption in the patient room, especially during the evening hours.
  • Without compromising safety, nurses are closing patient doors at night for more stable patients.
  • Wheels have been replaced on various carts used within patient units to minimize noise.
  • Every effort is being made to keep overhead pages to a minimum.
  • Door adjustments have been made to decrease noise when opening and closing.
  • Lights are dimmed at 9 pm in the hallways, and the overhead room lights are turned off when possible.

ValleyCare is known for quality and compassionate medical care. That includes a quiet and comfortable atmosphere where patients can heal safely and quickly.

ValleyCare Health System has provided high quality, not-for-profit health care to the Tri-Valley and surrounding communities since 1961. Through highly skilled physicians, nurses and staff, and state-of-the art technology, ValleyCare offers a wide range of health care services at its Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin medical facilities. ValleyCare in not publicly owned or operated, nor is it supported by taxes. ValleyCare reinvests any profits it makes into new services, equipment, and facilities. ValleyCare’s mission is to assume the leadership role for the health of the communities of the Tri-Valley. Visit