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Massage therapy is a relaxing, stress-relieving and energizing experience. Our certified therapists can provide a variety of treatments that will enhance flexibility and relaxation, relieve post-exercise soreness and return you to a more balanced state of mind. Certified massage therapists are available by appointment during LifeStyleRx's hours of operation. The types of massages we offer include:

Wellness Massage

A gentle total body massage that soothes muscular tension using long healing strokes, kneading and gentle pressure.

Deep Tissue

An aggressive, deep pressure massage used for the relief of chronic muscular tension, adhesions and scar tissue.

Myofascial Release

This slow and subtle technique can be used to release fascia and muscle throughout the body. Light to moderate traction and a twisting approach is used to achieve biomechanical and reflex change through an appropriate tension on the soft tissue.