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LifeStyleRx offers two heated, outdoor swimming pools as well as an indoor, warm-water therapy pool. Our program caters to the needs of children and adults alike, from the novice to the advanced swimmer.

LifeStyleRx offers a complete array of aquatics programs. Choose from a variety of group aqua classes, including arthritis classes, power aqua, deep water, and masters swim. We balance our pool schedules to accommodate our structured programs, open lap and recreational swim needs.

Warm Water Therapy Pool

Our indoor therapy pool features warm water that assists in relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to injured areas. Ideal for members who experience muscle spasms back pain, arthritis, or fibromyalgia.

Masters Swim

This guided adult swim workout provides you with challenging and progressive swim training, as well as helpful hints and tips to improve your swim techniques and overall fitness. Available for all swim levels ages 18 and older.