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Your decision to adopt a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most important choice you will ever make. LifeStyleRx provides resources and motivational assistance needed to reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for weight management, aquatics, nutritional programs or Zumba classes, we offer a variety of ways for you get fit, feel good and have fun. We currently offer single, couple, family, senior and corporate memberships available to cater to your needs. Our goal is to provide effective workouts in an exceptional environment. Come enjoy this extraordinary experience.

Try Us for Free!

You may request a free three-day guest pass to try out LifeStyleRx.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • In-town visitors only
  • First-time visitors only
  • One pass per person
  • Must be 18 years or older

Rules and Regulations

Membership is defined as a primary holder and spouse, or domestic partner, living in the same household (proof of residency must be presented at time of enrollment). Dependent children of the primary holder, spouse or domestic partner under the age of 23 must present proof of residency at time of enrollment. Dependents 23 and older must present proof of residence and financial dependence upon the primary account holder, spouse or domestic partner.

Upon enrollment, each member is issued a membership card. Members must present their card to the Member Services Desk to enter into LifeStyleRx.

Please contact Member Services for our complete rules and regulations.

Guest Policy

A guest must be accompanied by a member that is 18 years or older. All guests under 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian sign a liability waiver upon each visit. Member must stay on-site with their guest while occupying the facility. All guests must check in, sign a guest waiver and provide a photo ID. Expelled or suspended members may not come as a guest of another member. Members will be given eight complimentary guest passes at the beginning of every calendar year at the discretion of LifeStyleRx. Any unused guest passes will expire and not carry over into the following year.

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1119 E. Stanley Blvd.

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