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Balance Issues? Vestibular rehab therapy can help

Blurry vision can be related to inner-ear issues. ValleyCare's therapists provide testing and customized rehabilitation that may help.

Vestibular (or inner-ear) problems are very common. Studies show that 50 to 60 percent of the population will experience dizziness or imbalance during their lifetime.

Those suffering from vestibular problems can experience a significant decrease in their quality of life, limiting their work and recreational activities and increasing stress and anxiety. 


Visual disturbances can indicate inner-ear problems. While they are walking, people experiencing this type of disorder may notice that objects are blurry. Some people may feel off-balance when they are in a busy environment, such as Costco on a busy day. Others report difficulty reading, looking at a scrolling computer or looking back and forth, as when typing data into a computer.

Other symptoms include increased difficulty balancing in a dark room or on uneven surfaces like grass or thick carpet, trouble balancing while looking up or veering when walking.

Vestibular rehab at ValleyCare

ValleyCare’s certified vestibular therapists provide comprehensive and current testing procedures, along with a fully customized rehab program that can be very effective in helping people decrease symptoms, improve balance and return to the activities they love.

For more information on vestibular rehab, call ValleyCare Physical Medicine Services at 925-373-4019.
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