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Patients who are most successful with their weight loss make permanent changes to prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle. The surgery is a powerful tool enabling you to lose a significant amount of weight. However, following a healthy, structured eating plan and exercising on most days will ensure that you never regain the weight you lose.

Lasting success is achieved by:

  • Following a structured eating plan with three meals a day, eaten slowly. No meal skipping!
  • Eating a variety of healthy foods every day with plenty of lean protein, vegetables and fruit
  • Drinking lots of water and other low-calorie, noncarbonated beverages between but not with meals
  • Using protein supplement drinks and bars as snacks, if hungry between meals
  • Taking the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements every day
  • Exercising as often as possible. Try for 30 to 60 minutes of activity each day.

Follow-up appointments are designed to monitor the post-surgery course and provide guidance during the development of new lifestyle behaviors. Frequency is based on individual patient needs.

Support Groups

To assist patients in adapting to a new lifestyle after surgery, support group meetings are extremely beneficial. Team members guide participants in adopting dietary and exercise habits to maximize weight loss and promote optimal long-term health. The meetings allow patients to share personal experiences and concerns and to receive support and guidance from other post-surgery patients and health care professionals.

Support group meetings are held three times a month at the ValleyCare Weight Loss Surgery Center in the ValleyCare Medical Plaza at West Las Positas and Stoneridge in Pleasanton. Meetings are free for our ValleyCare surgery patients.

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