Athletic Training

Trainer working with athlete

ValleyCare provides on-the-field certified athletic trainers at local high schools. Working in conjunction with physicians and physical therapists, these trained professionals have daily contact with the athletes and provide emergency care at athletic practices and events, first aid for mild injuries, taping and techniques for injury prevention and education on injury prevention and management. Following evaluation by the athletic trainer, the athlete may be referred to a physician for further assessment, or the athletic trainer may elect to initiate a plan of care and protocol for rehabilitation. The athletic trainer acts as a liaison between the athlete, health care providers, coaches, school personnel and parents.

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Athletic Trainers

ValleyCare Health System: Katie Helfrich,

ValleyCare Health System: Jennifer Belmore,

Livermore High School: Brian Tuohy, 925.606.4812, ext. 2355,

Granada High School: Kim Connors, 925.606.4800, ext. 3661,