ValleyCare offers a wide range of services for expectant parents, new parents and children. Here you will find the latest in patient comfort and technology, along with exceptional medical care and a warm, caring environment that has long been associated with Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare. View a video highlighting our maternity services.

Birth Center

ValleyCare's philosophy of patient-centered care includes a variety of delivery options that provide for a safe and pleasant birthing experience. Throughout your pregnancy, discuss with your OB/GYN the type of delivery you would like, including the use of monitoring equipment and pain management options. An anesthesiologist is available 24 hours a day to aid the mother in labor pain management. Your obstetrician and anesthesiologist will collaborate with you to manage your birth experience, including the choices you have for pain management during labor and delivery.


Laborist Program

When you deliver at ValleyCare, your health and comfort and the health of your baby are our top priority. ValleyCare Medical Center is the only hospital in the area to offer OB anesthesiologists, UCSF neonatologists, UCSF pediatric hospitalists and an OB on-site 24/7.

A laborist is an OB/GYN on-site 24/7 who specializes in caring for women in labor and delivering babies. In an emergency, the moments spent waiting for your own physician to arrive can sometimes feel like hours. Having a highly skilled obstetrician on-site means you will always have direct attention from a physician until your doctor arrives. This adds an extra layer of safety for you and your baby. Once your primary obstetrician arrives, he or she takes over the management of your delivery.

UCSF Affiliation

Our collaboration with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital broadens the array of health services for children and families in the Tri-Valley by providing local access to UCSF specialists.

UCSF Ranked Among the Nation's Best Children's Hospitals

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital is recognized throughout the world as a leader in health care, known for innovation, technology and compassionate care. For more than a century, the hospital has offered the highest quality medical treatment. Today, UCSF is consistently ranked among the nation's top children's hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. This unique affiliation between ValleyCare and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital offers you and your children unprecedented medical care right here in the Tri-Valley.

Birthing Suites

Our birthing suites

Our birthing suites allow labor, delivery and recovery to take place in one comfortable setting. All of our private birthing suites and postpartum rooms have fresh, new decor and feature wireless service, flat-screen TVs and comfortable sleeping accommodations for partners.

Couplet Care

New mothers like our Couplet Care program, in which the same nurse cares for you and your baby throughout your stay. Having this personalized time and attention helps moms feel more comfortable in asking questions and addressing their specific needs.

Facility Tour

You are welcome to preview our labor/delivery/recovery suites, nursery services and postpartum rooms. Learn about preadmitting procedures and receive answers to your many questions. This 90-minute tour is offered every Monday evening from 7:30 to 9 p.m. (holidays excepted). The tour meets in the lobby of ValleyCare Medical Center in Pleasanton. Due to the tour length, it is not recommended for small children.

To register for a tour, please visit the maternity classes calendar.

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