Cancer Survivorship

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LifeStyleRx's Cancer Survivorship Wellness Program is a comprehensive, four-week outpatient program designed to help you return to a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle. This program helps survivors of cancer lead a full and satisfying life at work, home and in the community.

Upon finishing cancer treatment you may see changes in your body. This program will address:

  • Physical concerns and needs, including pain, energy and lifestyle
  • Emotional concerns, including motivation to keep moving and life changes
  • Day-to-day concerns, including returning to your job, school and community activities

Allow LifeStyleRx to help you find ways to manage your side effects and recovery from cancer treatment. You do not have to do it alone. Program highlights include the following:

Class Instruction

  • Understanding and overcoming cancer
  • Nutrition presentations
  • Relaxation and stress management, including gentle yoga and guided meditation
  • Energy conservation
  • Self-management tools
  • Exercise, including Pilates
  • Motivation and a positive approach to health


  • Small class sizes optimize support and learning.
  • Learn coping skills specific to cancer.
  • Join information and support groups at ValleyCare Health Library and Ryan Comer Cancer Resource Center.

Individualized Care

  • Two physical evaluations with a certified personal trainer to get you started on an individualized workout routine to help you build strength and endurance
  • A one-month membership to LifeStyleRx so that you can use the developed workout plan on your own, in addition to the other amenities that will assist you in your recovery
  • A 30-minute one-on-one session with a registered dietitian
  • A 50-minute therapeutic massage

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